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Coral Springs, Broward County is a vibrant South Florida community. Bordering the Everglades, from Heron Bay to the Stranahan River, Coral Springs has much to offer residents and visitors alike. Beautiful Coral Springs is infamous for having the only McDonald’s outlet not permitted to use the eponymous Golden Arches sign. Coincidentally it also held the Guinness World record for the World’s biggest hamburger! If you have an afternoon to enjoy in the city, the Coral Springs Museum of Art is well worth a visit, as is the Center for the Arts where you might catch a Broadway show. For sports enthusiasts, Coral Springs is home to the region’s Sportsplex which offers amazing facilities and is where the NHL Florida Panthers train. Coral Springs is also home to gold winning beach volleyball medalist Misty May Treanor, the youngest winner of the LPGA tour Lexi Thompson, Chicago Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo and is the birthplace of the band New Found Glory. If you’re looking for outdoor fun in Coral Springs then head for the Cypress Water Park or pack a picnic and head to Mullins Park (just watch out for ants, they’re always first to a picnic!)

If ants or any other unwelcome pest guests are a problem in your Coral Springs home then call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company for effective affordable pest control and extermination services with guaranteed results. We are THE trusted and affordable pest control company in Coral Springs. an Ambush Pest Solutions Company leverages over 25 years of expert knowledge to exterminate any pests from bed bugs to beetles, flies to fleas in Coral Springs. We are the most effective Affordable Pest Control Company in the South Florida area, applying cutting-edge methods and the latest treatments to exterminate pests of all types’ at the most affordable rates. Whatever your pest problem we can help. Some of the most common complaints in Coral Springs are silverfish, cockroaches, wasps, millipedes, spiders, weevils, rats, bed bugs and ants. Ant species most often reported in the Coral Springs include Fire Ants, Ghost Ants, Carpenter Ants, Pharaoh Ants, White Footed Ants and Thief Ants. None of which are welcome at a picnic and certainly not in your home. Let us “Ambush” and eradicate them for you.

At an Ambush Pest Solutions Company we are also Coral Springs specialists in bed bug extermination. Bed bugs feed on blood producing painful welts and multiply quickly, hiding in tiny spaces in and around your bed. We are extremely efficient and thorough in bed bug extermination. No one wants to go to bed with these guys! Cockroach control is another area of expertise. The most common cockroach in Coral Springs is the German Cockroach which likes warm humid areas indoors and the American Cockroach (or Palmetto Bugs) which prefer outdoors but will invite themselves inside to scavenge. We can eliminate cockroaches from your Coral Springs home and give prevention advice for cockroach control. Whatever your pest, whether ants, rodents, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, wasps, cockroaches, centipedes, mosquitoes or flies, if you live in Coral Springs we’re the specialist pest company to call for fast extermination at affordable rates.

Wherever you live in Coral Springs, from Turtle Run to Royal Palm Blvd., an Ambush Pest Solutions Company can quickly remedy any bug, pest or rodent nightmare you’re dealing with – from a spider in the bathtub to a full blown pest invasion that is destroying your home or business. Let our expert team handle it for you with speed and dedication. Specialists in Coral Springs pest extermination, we can quickly eliminate any pest problem in your residential or commercial property affordably and with 100% satisfaction. A family business, we are proud to be the best in the business and specialists in pest extermination in the Coral Springs area. an Ambush Pest Solutions Company provides on demand pest extermination on a regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and once a year pest control services for the treatment and prevention of pests, bugs and rodents. We are certified, licensed and insured pest control operators and can provide organic pest solutions.

Ask us for a FREE no obligation quote for any level of service you need. We care about our customers and are the ONLY pest control company with affordable rates that will go the extra mile to ensure that you are completely happy with our service and left pest free. We will always keep our scheduled appointments and do a professional job with a friendly smile. A helpful expert from our team will investigate the problem then recommend and execute a solution to the highest standards, ensuring your pests are ‘Ambushed’ and eliminated! So if you have any need for pest extermination in Coral Springs or surrounding areas, call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company at 954-304-5853, for an affordable pest control certified professional who can exterminate your pest problem today!