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Hollywood, Florida, originally named “Hollywood by the Sea” is located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. At its heart is the famous Hollywood Beach, a vibrant buzzing hub of social activity in South Florida. Hop on the trolley and head to Hollywood Beach, then rent a bike and hit the boardwalk – two and a half miles wide of boulevard snaking along the stunning shoreline. Stop for lunch alfresco and enjoy the incredible sea view and a spot of people-watching from one of the many acclaimed restaurants that line the boulevard at Hollywood Beach. An array of exciting cafes, ice cream parlors, shops and entertainers jostle for attention and space on the boardwalk as rollerbladers and joggers cruise by. Hollywood residents shop for dinner at the Young Circle Food Truck takeover to enjoy cuisine from Cuban to Peruvian and everything in between, or at the fabulous Hollywood Farmer’s Market for the freshest produce. In the evening the atmosphere is festive and fun with music and dancing spontaneously spilling out of the Hollywood bars and restaurants after dark.

If you live in Hollywood and are experiencing unwelcome nightlife from nocturnal visitors of the bug or rodent variety, or you have any pest problem at all, call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company for affordable pest control services with fast guaranteed results. We are THE trusted pest control company serving the Hollywood area day and night.

Choosing an Ambush Pest Solutions Company gives you the benefit of our 25 years of experience in pest extermination. As the most effective and affordable pest control Extermination Company in the Hollywood area with genuinely affordable rates, we utilize pioneering techniques and proven treatments we trust to exterminate pests effectively. Pests such as roaches (German roach extermination and American roach extermination are the most common roach exterminations required in Hollywood), bedbugs, spiders, silverfish, gnats, ants such as Fire Ants, Ghost Ants and Carpenter Ants, weevils, wasps, mosquitoes, centipedes and more. At an Ambush Pest Solutions Company we also specialize in rodent control. Rodent (rats and mice) numbers can get out of control quickly, so fast effective rodent control is critical. Most often seen in Hollywood and Florida in general are House Mice, Roof Rats and Norway Rats. If you find droppings or other evidence of rodents in your Hollywood home, call Ambush today for fast and effective rodent extermination.

Wherever you live in Hollywood, from Hollywood Lakes to Hollywood Hills, an Ambush Pest Solutions Company can effectively exterminate any bug, pest or rodent nightmare you’re faced with – from nuisance mosquitoes to a full blown pest infestation that is decimating your home or business. Destructive pest extermination – pests like fleas, ticks, and millipedes are another particular area of expertise. Pest problems in residential and commercial properties can be eliminated with 100% client satisfaction. Mosquitoes may be a particular concern if you’re located near the water, particularly with the spread of viruses like Zika and West Nile. If you are worried, let our affordable pest control services step in and give you greater peace of mind. We can effectively and affordably control every type of pest issue in Hollywood, no matter what your pest problem. Pests, bugs and rodents are simply no match for our trained professionals.

A family owned and operated company specializing in pest control in Hollywood; we’re the best in the business because we care about our customers. an Ambush Pest Solutions Company is the ONLY affordable pest control company in Hollywood that will go the extra mile every time to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service and left pest free at genuinely affordable rates. We want that pest problem eliminated even more than you do. So we take pride in our business, we respect our customers – we always keep our scheduled appointments and do our job with professionalism and a smile.

At an Ambush Pest Solutions Company we provide on demand pest control and regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and once a year services. Certified, licensed and insured, our pest control team will provide a FREE no obligation quote for any level of service you need. Each pest problem is unique and so an expert from our team will recommend the best solution for your particular situation (we also offer organic pest solutions) and will ensure the pests are ‘Ambushed’ and eliminated! So if you live in the Hollywood area and have a pest issue call the best in pest control at 954-304-5853 for fast, effective and affordable service to control your pest problem today!