an Ambush Pest Solutions company, specializes in eliminating all kinds of pests, bugs, and rodents in Lauderhill and all surrounding areas.


The city of Lauderhill is experiencing something of a renaissance. It has at times spearheaded innovation and in other decades has been resistant to change, so it has a charming Old Florida feel about it. Lauderdale’s Cultural Museum is a testament to its rich history. There’s a vibrant community in Lauderhill which has much to enjoy, including many parks such as Veteran’s Park and Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens which hosts the popular Jazz Picnics in the Park and the many public pools such as those found at the Lauderhill Aquatic Centre. Lauderhill has a laid back vibe, enjoy a game of chess in the park or play a round of golf at the Inverrary Golf Club which hosts a classic named in honor of Lauderhill resident Jackie Gleason.

The city of Lauderhill began life in the 1960’s as a development of homes you could quite literally buy off the shelf at Macy’s department store, if you had $15,000 or so to spare. Designed for state of the art living, Lauderhill homes came fully loaded, with everything you could need for a vacation home, from appliances to toothbrushes! If you’ve got a little more than you bargained for in your home and pests are a problem call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company for proven treatment and prevention services with guaranteed results. Just like the first Lauderhill homes, our pest management techniques are state-of-the-art so whatever your pest – bed bugs, ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, silverfish, flies, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, rodents, spiders, gnats or weevils – we know how to take care of it. Your pest problems are solved by Ambush’s expert affordable pest control services. an Ambush Pest Solutions Company is the best choice for affordable pest control in Lauderhill. As a family owned and operated business we have over 25 years of pest management and pest extermination using cutting edge techniques including organic treatments, to rid you of all bugs and pests in Lauderhill.

Specialists in cockroach control (German Cockroach control and American Cockroach control are the most requested pest control services in and around the Lauderhill area) and highly regarded for our expertise in bed bug removal and eradicating infestations of ticks, fleas, spiders, ants and mosquitoes. We are also the rodent control experts in Lauderhill. Rodents most often reported in Lauderhill are common House Mice, brown Norway Rats and black Roof Rats. Rodent populations grow rapidly to become a major pest infestation, so fast and effective rodent extermination at the earliest opportunity is crucial. Finding droppings or gnaw marks are early signs of rats or mice in your Lauderhill home and where there’s one you can be sure there are many, so don’t delay, call us now for fast, affordable rodent extermination.

Wherever you live in Lauderhill, from Inverrary Blvd., to the Lauderhill Mall, an Ambush Pest Solutions Company can quickly and affordably control any bug, pest or rodent problem. We are also experts in ant control, specifically Fire Ants, Pharaoh Ants and Sugar Ants (the species often found in Lauderhill) as well as professional mosquito control. Living near the Intracoastal you may be particularly worried about Zika virus so let our affordable pest control services step in and give you some peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

No matter what pest is worrying you, our pest management services can handle every type of pest extermination in Lauderhill. From ants in the kitchen to bed bugs in the bedroom, let our professional pest controllers eradicate these unwelcome visitors from your Lauderhill home or business with 100% satisfaction. As affordable pest control professionals in the Lauderhill area, we’re completely committed to our customers – we want those pests ambushed even more than you do.

We take pride in our ‘best in the business’ reputation and our affordable pest control services are available to you on demand or as regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and once a year services for treatment and prevention. We provide a FREE no obligation quote tailored to your individual pest problem. We really appreciate our customers so you can rely on us to keep our scheduled appointments and do our job professionally and with a smile. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and will ensure all pests are ‘Ambushed’ and removed from your home! We’re happy when you are.

So if you have a problem with pests in Lauderhill and want effective pest control at affordable pest control rates from a certified pest management company, that guarantees 100% satisfaction, then call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company today at 954-304-5853 to annihilate your bugs and pests!