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A beautiful city in Broward County, Parkland is a serene Florida location built around nine parks including 6 Acre Wood Park, Covered Bridge Park and the John H. Quigley Park. Parkland was originally designed without any traffic lights or stores in order to protect its parklike feel. Nowadays Parkland offers the best of both worlds – upscale shops and restaurants and hundreds of bike trails and walks throughout its enviable parkland, waterways and woods. Not surprisingly the parks hum with activity. Pine Trails Park is the largest and busiest with all sorts of amenities on offer from its sports programs and fitness equipment, a fishing pier, state of the art playground, kids camps, dog-friendly farmers’ market and an amphitheater hosting a whole series of concerts and events, not forgetting of course the miles of beautiful trails for walking and cycling. Once you’ve built up an appetite head to one of Parkland’s fine eateries like Zagat rated Blue Fin sushi. The protected wooded environment is a great source of enjoyment for Parkland residents and visitors but it is also prime real estate for many pests like ants and rodents or creatures bearing pests like ticks and fleas. If you live in Parkland and have a pest infestation, then call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company for affordable pest control professionals with guaranteed results. We are THE trusted pest control company serving the Parkland area. an Ambush Pest Solutions Company has over 25 years of experience in professional pest control and can be trusted to annihilate any and all problem pests in Parkland. As the most effective and affordable Pest Control Company in South Florida, we incorporate state-of-the-art techniques and proven pest management treatments to rid you of pests such as fleas, ticks, rodents, bed-bugs, flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, (those found most often in Florida are German Roaches, American Cockroaches or Palmetto Bugs as they are sometimes called) and ants.

Ants are a very common pest problem near wooded areas. They make ideal habitats for Sugar Ants and Ghost Ants (two of the most commonly found species in Parkland) who create ant colonies in tree trunks or logs, or between rocks and twigs in sheltered woodland or gardens. These ants like a warm humid climate and will invade Parkland area homes to forage for sugary or greasy food and can nest inside. Pharaoh Ants, another common ant found residing in Parkland, happily nest inside homes and have multiple queens. Over the counter ant spray treatments can do more harm than good – causing the queens to scatter, each establishing their own colony, escalating the pest problem so it’s best to call in a pest control professional like an Ambush Pest Solutions Company to eradicate ants.

At an Ambush Pest Solutions Company we are also market leaders in rodent control for the Parkland area. Rats and mice can transmit disease and rodents have up litters of up to twenty young twelve times a year so you can have a full scale infestation on your hands if not dealt with quickly by a pest control professional. We’re the company to call for fast eradication of rodents at affordable rates in Parkland.

Wherever you live in Parkland, from Nob Hill Road to N. University Drive, an Ambush Pest Solutions Company can quickly manage any bug, pest or rodent problem you’re faced with – from finding a trail of ants to a full blown flea infestation that has moved in on the back of a pet and taken over your home. We have the expertise to rid Parkland residential and commercial properties of nuisance pests quickly and effectively and with 100% customer satisfaction. Parkland’s abundance of waterways and parkland give pests the advantage but they are no match for an Ambush Pest Solutions Company services.

A family run company, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business and experts in pest control in the Parkland area. an Ambush Pest Solutions Company is the ONLY pest control company with truly affordable rates that will go the extra mile every time to ensure that you are left pest free and completely satisfied with our above and beyond service. We want those critters gone even more than you do. We appreciate our customers – always keep our scheduled appointments and do our job with professionalism, a smile and helpful advice on future prevention. Above all we care and aren’t satisfied until you are.

We provide emergency pest control as needed and regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and once a year services to treat and prevent infestation. We are certified, licensed and insured pest control operators and can provide organic pest solutions. Call our friendly team to arrange a FREE no obligation quote for any level of service you need. Our professional pest experts will investigate the problem and determine the best solution to ensuring the pests are ‘Ambushed’ and eliminated! So if you live in Parkland and have a pest problem call THE best in pest control at 954-304-5853 for an affordable pest control professional who can manage your pest concerns today!