an Ambush Pest Solutions company, specializes in eliminating all kinds of pests, bugs, and rodents in Plantation and all surrounding areas.


In Plantation, Florida they say “the grass is greener”. Life here is centered around making the most of the green outdoor space and the water. If you’re just visiting you may think Plantation looks a little familiar… if you’re a Plantation resident you’ll know that’s because Plantation is a popular filming location – Plantation City Hall starred as the high school in Something About Mary. You’ll find a packed events calendar full of fun activities for kids from a teddy bears’ picnic to teen glow splash bash. Plantation enjoys a big aquatic scene boasting two Olympic sized pools and numerous water-playgrounds. If water’s not your thing, Plantation offers a wealth of other outdoor activities such as golf at the Plantation Preserve, equestrian lessons and keep fit classes from Pickleball to Yoga. Indoors you’ll find a full creative arts program courtesy of the Curtain Call Playhouse and interesting exhibits at the Plantation Historical Museum. If you’re finding interesting exhibits of a more unpleasant variety at home, you may have a pest problem and need to call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company for trusted affordable pest control services with guaranteed results. We are THE best pest control company serving the Plantation area with affordable rates. an Ambush Pest Solutions Company, with over 25 years of expertise, is the most effective provider of professional affordable  pest control in South Florida and specializes in pest elimination in Plantation and Broward County. Whether your pest problem is cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, ants, fleas, ticks, mice or any other, as a family owned business of professional pest controllers you can trust us to eradicate all nuisance pests in Plantation using the latest pest control innovations and proven treatments. We are specialists in cockroach extermination (German Roach extermination and American Roach extermination are among the most often requested services in Plantation) and Rodent extermination.

At an Ambush Pest Solutions Company we are leading experts in rodent control. Rodents (rats and mice) have large litters monthly and can quickly become a plaque of rats and pose a health risk for Plantation residents. Recently, inhalation of rodent urine and droppings has been linked to the potentially fatal lung disease Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, so fast eradication of rats is essential. Rodents most frequently found in Plantation are Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice. If you find evidence of rodents including droppings, grease marks along the base of walls or gnawed wires in your Plantation home, call us now for fast affordable rodent extermination.

Wherever you live in Plantation, from N. Flamingo Road to Florida’s Turnpike, Ambush Pest Solutions can quickly and affordably control any bug, pest or rodent problem you’re faced with – from finding an ant in the kitchen to a full blown pest infestation that has invaded your home or threatens your business. We can rid residential and commercial Plantation properties of uninvited bugs and pests effectively at affordable prices, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

With its abundance of water, mosquitoes may be a particular worry to Plantation residents and even more so now Zika Virus is on the rise in the Florida area, so let our trusted pest control services step in and give you some peace of mind. Our affordable pest control services can handle every type of pest issue in Plantation, no matter what your pest problem. Cockroaches, silverfish, mites, fleas, ticks, bed-bugs, stinging pests, flies, centipedes, earwigs, spiders, gnats and ants – pests are exterminated with an Ambush Pest Solutions Company’s affordable pest control services.

We’re specialists in pest control in the Plantation area and completely committed to customer satisfaction. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied and pest free. We want those bugs gone even more than you do. We take pride in our ‘best in the business’ reputation and we care about our customers and what’s important to them. As such we recognize that some customers, particularly those residents committed to green living as many Plantation residents are, may want the option of organic pest solutions which we can provide.

Call us for a FREE no obligation quote for any level of service you choose. We provide emergency pest control on demand and schedule regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and once a year services for treatment and prevention before a pests become a nuisance. We always keep our scheduled appointments and do our job with a professional attitude and a smile. Every pest problem is unique and a friendly expert from our team will evaluate your pest problem and tailor a course of action to ensure all pests are ‘Ambushed’ and eliminated from your Plantation home!

So if you have any pest concerns in Plantation and want affordable pest control rates from a certified pest control company, that will go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction, then call the best in pest control at 954-304-5853 to “Ambush” your pest problem today!