an Ambush Pest Solutions company, specializes in eliminating all kinds of pests, bugs, and rodents in Wilton Manors and all surrounding areas.


A progressive city in Broward County, Wilton Manors is also known as the Island City due to its location between the North and South Forks of the Middle River. Popular with the LGBT community and snow birds, Wilton Manors is a great place to live or visit. The abundant water is the focus of life in Wilton Manors with the waterways providing myriad recreational opportunities including five beautiful riverside parks. The jewel of Wilton Manors is the Island City Park Preserve where you can stroll the elevated walkway, explore the trails, fish the day away or kayak. If you’re a resident, the Richardson Historic Park & Nature Preserve on your doorstep is the perfect place to get together with friends and family for a celebration or enjoy the regular concert series at Mickel Park.

The commercial heart of the City of Wilton Manors is Wilton Drive. The Drive (as the locals know it) is the city’s arts and entertainment hub, a district packed with fabulous restaurants, buzzing bars and clubs and an array of upmarket stores. As the city motto says, “Life’s Just Better Here”, but, if it doesn’t seem like it right now, because you’ve got a problem with nuisance pests, bugs or rodents, then Ambush can help! Call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company for trusted affordable pest control services in Wilton Manors with guaranteed results. We always go the extra mile to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. an Ambush Pest Solutions Company is the most affordable pest control provider of expert pest management in South Florida and specializes in pest extermination in Wilton Manors and surrounding areas. As a family run business we call on over 25 years of pest control knowledge and experience to annihilate all nuisance pests in Wilton Manors, using cutting edge methods and proven treatments, including organic pest control options.

Specialists in roach extermination (German Roach extermination and American Roach extermination are among the most often requested services in Wilton Manors) we are your first port of call if you suspect you have a cockroach infestation in Wilton Manors. German Roaches identified by their light brown color and two black stripes seek out warm humid places like kitchens and bathrooms. Cockroaches scavenge food and can spread diseases such as E.coli so fast effective professional cockroach extermination is key.

At Ambush Pest Solutions we are also market leaders in rodent control. Like most pests, rodent populations of rats and mice can multiply very quickly and like cockroaches, can pose a significant health risk for Wilton Manors residents. At an Ambush Pest Solutions Company we provide fast effective rodent control. Most often reported in Wilton Manors and surrounding areas are Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice. If you find evidence of rodents in your Wilton Manors home, call us first for fast affordable pest control professional rodent management.

With its abundance of waterways, Wilton Manors can be a mosquito’s paradise making mosquitoes a particular concern to Wilton Manors residents especially with Zika Virus spreading, so let our affordable pest control services step in and give you some peace of mind. Wherever you live in Wilton Manors, from Wilton Drive to NW 9th Ave., and whatever bug, pest or rodent issue you’re experiencing – from spotting a single ant to a full-blown rodent infestation that threatens your home or business, let our expert team handle it for you with speed and dedication.

Specialists in Wilton Manors pest extermination, we can quickly eliminate any pest problem in your residential or commercial property affordably and with 100% satisfaction. We are proud to be the best in the business and specialists in pest extermination in the Wilton Manors area, providing on-demand pest extermination or regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and once a year pest control services for the treatment and prevention of pests, bugs and rodents. We are certified, licensed and insured pest control operators.

Ask us for a FREE no obligation quote for any level of service you need. We care about our customers and are the ONLY pest control company in Wilton Manors with affordable rates that will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service and left pest free. We will always keep our scheduled appointments and do a professional job with a friendly smile. A helpful expert from our team will investigate your pest problem, then recommend and execute a solution to the highest standards, ensuring your pests are ‘Ambushed’ and eliminated! So if you have any need for pest extermination in Wilton Manors or surrounding area call an Ambush Pest Solutions Company at 954-304-5853 for an affordable pest control certified professional who can exterminate your pest problem today!